Friday, 12 July 2013

Hypochondria Update #2

Ok so I've finally gotten that demo up on IndieDB. It includes 25 levels + 2 unlockable levels. These represent the early levels of the game where the controls and basic mechanics are introduced to the player, so there's nothing too complicated or difficult here. Graphics and sound are not in their final form, and the menus are just placeholder for the moment.

Xbox360 pad Controls:
movement - left stick
run - right trigger
jump - A
roll - B
re-group - X
pause - start
re-start level - back

Keyboard Controls:
movement - A + D
run - Left Shift
jump - W
roll - Down Arrow
re-group - Up Arrow
pause - escape
re-start level - backspcace

keyboard controls aren't bindable at the moment.

Here's the link to go download it.

Also I made a quick little video showing a few levels being played. Nothing fancy just some raw gameplay footage. It's a little bit laggy cause fraps was being a bit dickish (it's really time I get that ssd) but you get the idea.

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