Thursday, 27 November 2014

Stomach Acid Liquid Physics

Hey all,
just a quick update on what I've been up to for the last days. Got some physics going for the stomach acid at last :-) So now when your cells fall in they create waves and splashes instead of just sinking down without effecting the acid at all. I used this tutorial to get it to work. So a big thanks to Michael Hoffman for posting it up!!

I uploaded a quick little video to youtube showing the effects in action:

That's it for this post anyways. As always thanks for reading :-)

Systematic Immunity Progress Update: Bosses :-D

So I've been working a lot on level design mainly for the last while. I've now got the the majority of the levels done for the game. That is levels that's I'm happy with ;-) I've also decided to add in boss battles at the end of each organ!
Initially I wasn't going to have any bosses (except at the end of the game) due to workload reasons. But now I think it seems a bit anticlimactic to just play through all the levels in an organ and just move on to the next one without anything special happening. So boss battles it is then!

Here's a quick gif of the progress I've made on the stomach boss so far:

Click here to view a better quality version on Gfycat :-)

Thanks for reading!
Take it easy,

New Trailer, New Name (again), Progress Made

Hey all, so I couldn't help myself. I changed the name of the project again...but this is it now...I promise! Anyway, the new name is Systematic Immunity and for better or for worse it's staying. I made a new trailer as well for your viewing pleasure :-)

So as far as progress goes I've cut back the scope of the game a bit. The game is now going to have three organs/areas (stomach, lungs, brain) instead of the originally planned four. The reason for this is that I feel I'd like to release the game in the first half of next year. And I'd rather release a smaller but well polished game than one with more content but less polished. If it turns out people like the game I can always release more content in the future. I have the majority of the gameplay coding, graphics and sound for those three organs done now so my main focus from here on will be level design, testing, polishing and all that good stuff :-)

So thanks for reading and enjoy the trailer.
All the best :-)