Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New Project - Hypochondria

So I think it's time to slowly start introducing my newest project. It's a 2D twitch platformer called  Hypochondria that I am developing using XNA. In the game you control a group of 20 white blood cells who must kill bacteria/viruses etc. Each level will require the player to navigate the hazards and reach the end with enough cells left to kill the enemy bacteria/virus. The player controls the "main cell" who is in charge of the group. All other cells blindly follow his actions. But you have the limited ability to "draw" them towards you if they start going astray or if you need to navigate through a tight spot/ dodge something etc. The player is rated at the end of each level based on time and number of remaining cells.

Some screenshots:

Planned features:
  • 100+ levels set in 4 organs. At the moment my ideas are, stomach, lungs, heart and brain.
  • bonus levels to be unlocked in each organ by getting high scores in all the levels
  • collectables that can be found in each level. These will unlock outfits for your cells. One outfit per organ. For example a viking outfit that would have your cells running around in viking helmets and wearing big beards :)
  • possibly a level editor. I will probably release the game without one first and if there is some demand for one I will put in the time and make one then. I have a simple one for my own use at the moment, but it's terribly unpolished and has a good few bugs that I haven't bothered to fix cause I know how to avoid them...
Current State of Progress:
So far I have made all the core functionality for the game and about 45 levels. The graphics and sound for the first organ (stomach) are almost complete and I hope to have a demo out soon! I still need to add a few more hazards and proper menu functionality. Then it'll just be a matter of working on the rest of the content. Levels, graphics, music, sounds etc.  My plan is have the game done in October, but we'll see ;)

I plan to update this blog with progress every week. Even if it's only minor stuff. So check back every now and again if you are interested :)